Melissa Muirhead, The Great Work Lab
Melissa Muirhead
The Great Work Lab

Melissa Muirhead is the founder of The Great Work Lab, a company that helps clients globally to create better workplaces. She specialises in Leadership Development, Growth Mindset and Design Thinking, offering coaching services to leaders worldwide.

Melissa's 20 years of corporate experience include a Global HR Director role for Finance at Heineken, with responsibility for 5,000 people across 80 countries. She is passionate about creating great workplaces through great leaders where people are engaged and want to come and do great work.

Melissa studied Design Thinking at INSEAD business school, which she has applied globally to organisations facing complex problems. She is an expert in Organisational Design using the HPO methodology, combined with Design Thinking to design future-fit organizations. Melissa's work is all about taking performance theory and research and making them practically applicable in the workplace. She believes in measuring effectiveness and using data to support real people development work.

Now based in New Zealand, Melissa enjoys working with fascinating organizations worldwide while gazing out at the beauty of Aotearoa's mountains.

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