Haroop Sandhu, Harris Academy Ockendon
Haroop Sandhu
Coach and Senior Leader
Harris Academy Ockendon

Harroop Sandhu is a senior school leader and professional coach, with 17 years of experience driving successful strategies and improving outcomes in various educational areas. Most recently she has led her school to successfully achieve the Send Inclusion Award, as well as spear-heading the organisation's DEI strategy. Her approach is to ensure that DEI work is integrated within the strategic aims of the organisation leveraging existing leadership tools.

Recent work has involved leading senior leadership training sessions on DEI underpinned by an intentional approach which involves reflecting on challenging information, acknowledging personal responses, and striving for professional growth. She has a deep understanding of the challenges individuals encounter within institutions regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and provides invaluable support to her colleagues.

As a mother of three, Harroop empathises with the challenges faced by working parents. She recognises how parenthood can profoundly transform a person’s identity, reshape life aspirations, and ignite a quest for self-discovery. A firm believer in flexible working, she embraces it as a means to retain excellent staff while allowing them to stay true to themselves.

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